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It's really easy to use Kouak.
There are two modes available :
- Console (from windows xp sp2 - dotNet 2)
- Graphic (from windows xp sp3 - dotNet 4)


In graphic mode it's easy.
You first have to select the file or the folder to share.
After click on "Share ! ", and it's done !
To access your file, go on you Local or Public IP.
When you share a folder, here is what you see in your browser :
When you share a single file, the download start automaticaly.


The Console mode run with all config from windows xp sp2 and dotnet 2.0
The server can be launched with :

kouak.exe /p <dir to share>
kouak.exe /p <single file to share>

In the first case, the directory will be browsable and the dir passed on arguments will be the root of the server.
In the second, only the specified file will be available.
The server shutdown when Kouak.exe is closed.

There is 5 arguments :
/a : The path is Absolute
/r : The path is Relative
/f : Single file to share
/d : Directory to share
/p <path> : Define the path
_/port <number> : Define the port on wich the application is listenning

The program will try to find himself the a-r-f-d arguments, but in some case they must be precised.
Most of the time only the path will be required.
If nothing is precised, the program will share the path where is executed and his child.

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